30 October 2005

Another W/E bites the dust

Saturday I put my new mitre saw to good use, shortening the new table from Ikea; then put the new chairs and stools together. I think our kitchen may be finished ... oh no, we need to get the dishwasher fixed, it doesn't seem to be cleaning properly.

Liverpool got back to winning ways and put on a decent display of football in the process, a bit of a relief after recent games.

On Sunday we made our weekly trip to B&Q (I should really buy some shares), even though we had a Screwfix delivery on Thursday! Then in to central Milton Keynes for John Lewis and the usual shops, I think when Ikea opens next year MK will have virtually every shop there is, I think I'm going to like it around here, I'm never keen on driving far at weekends.

I missed the Chris Evans show on Radio 2 on the 15th October, featuring Stephen Fry (apparently very funny), does anyone have the podcast? The BBC only leave it in their XML feed for 1 week and I hadn't subscribed back then. I'd appreciate it if anyone could furnish me with it, or let me know where I can find a copy - please leave a trackback ping or comment ;->