05 October 2006

The Royal Harbour Hotel, Ramsgate

I've been in Ramsgate for a few days. "Nevermind" you may say, but I found the town quite nice after hearing bad things about it.

I stayed in an excellent hotel, The Royal Harbour Hotel. It's part of a terrace overlooking the harbour and I would guess the building is Edwardian. The rooms are very simple, but clean and the bathroom was excellent. The ground floor (main lobby/lounge/restaurant/snug) all had a really nice feel to them, polished oak floorboards, an 'honesty bar', open fire, nice artwork and a record player and collection of vinyl that guests can play.

So many hotels are owned by chains and after you've walked in you could be anywhere, it was really nice to stay somewhere where the owners clearly take pride in hotel and want to provide a superb environment. It wasn't really like staying in a hotel, it was like staying at a friends house, where you're very welcome.

Oh and there's free Wi-Fi