25 November 2006

30b ... business model?

As I've said before, I love 30boxes. My problem until now has been where to keep my diary. I'm a consultant, who spends time at different companies using their computers, plus time using my computer. 30boxes transcends all these barriers.

Recently my wife has started using 30boxes, at the moment she's using my login (which is fine by me), but maybe we should get her an account and share items between us, I'm not sure of the benefit. Anyone like to comment?

The benefit to me has more that doubled with my wife using it. No longer do I get home on a Friday and ask my wife what we're doing over the weekend. The interesting thing is, my wife is putting all the family and friends birthdays into it (which works really well, automatically repeats every year). For years, at this time of year she has purchased a new calendar and transferred all the birthdays into the new one .... not any more ;->

I only have one worry ... how are 30boxes making money? I know they're a small company, with individuals who've made a lot of money in previous businesses, but are they financing all this with their own money? Surely this can't go on forever. Will ads start appearing? Will they sell the app to companies? Will they wait until I've got a lot of data invested in 30boxes and then start charging me? I don't know the folks at 30boxes, but I get the impression Narendra is a good guy with a good brain, so I certainly don't think it's the last option. Sell to companies? I doubt it when they are so many calendars that come bundled with email. Ads? Maybe, but the GUI is very clean and un-cluttered at the moment, so it would be difficult to see how they'd achieve this without affecting the simplicity.

So Narendra? If you're reading this, would you care to respond?