27 November 2006

Free offsite backups

For a few months now I've been using Mozy to backup my computer. It just sits in the background and backs up whatever you've specified to the Mozy servers; either anytime or when you're computer isn't busy; all traffic is encrypted, so you're data is safe.

I really like it and so far it works well, though I've only restored a couple of files. You get 2GB for free and 30GB for $5/month. I'm using the free version at the moment, and I'm backing up all data apart from my music.

My music collection is too big and not really critical, though it would be nice to backup off-site, a DVD every month or so is enough. What is really re-assuring is that I haven't got to remember to backup my important data (accounts/invoices etc), it just does it. Really simple and it just works.

At the moment they're only supporting Windows, but a Mac version will be out soon.

Why not take a look? If you do, please use the links here, as they'll give both of us an additional 256MB of free space ... check it out.