19 December 2006


I've been using mightyv since it was first mentioned on BBC Backstage and I love it, it's the only place I go to find out what's on ... forget Teletext and newspapers ... the easiest way to find out what's on. (I've even converted my wife to use it)

I've only just started adding programs to my schedule, but I can see it's powerful, especially with the recommendation engine.

So I thought ... if I've added things to my schedule, I wondered if there's a webcal feed that I can add to my 30boxes calendar .... and sure enough, there's an ical button on the my Schedule page ... but it doesn't seem to work in 30Boxes.

Of course, this could be a problem with 30Boxes, but I don't think so ... when I checkout http://icalshare.com the feeds all seem to begin "webcal://ical..." and end in ".ics" but the one on mightyv doesn't.

Anyone got any ideas?