04 January 2006


Update to the story I mentioned in December about the Performance Rights Society. Well it seems the local rag in Macclesfield has picked up on the story. I wonder if there's some way to back this guy's plight? It was on Radio 2 and Adam Curry has been talking alot about this on his podcast, hopefully we can get some backing for this guy.
Soon they'll want us to pay if we use AirTunes (or similar), because it could be hacked by someone else and hence be a public broadcast. You think I'm joking? These guys prove time and again they'll do anything.
I was thinking about a Nirvana song in the shower this morning, they'll be sending out the thought police soon.... that was supposed to be Science Fiction.

03 January 2006

Hurrah for UNIX

This post was made a couple of months ago, but I've only just stumbled across it. It talks about a MS research paper that essentially says UNIX & Linux are faster. There's a footnote that if something is written specifically for Windoze then it will perform better, but no mention of how fast the UNIX systems would run if code was optimised for it .... my guess ... even faster.