09 March 2006

Poor Liverpool

Well, LFC created about 20 goal scoring opportunities in the first half, but if you can't put the ball in the back of net, you don't deserve to win. I'm sure if Mourinho was the manager he'd be saying the best team lost, but he'd be wrong.

08 March 2006

Poor Chelsea

It's nice to see Jose Mourinho accepting defeat gracefully again ....

06 March 2006


This is terrible and we must do everything we can to stop it.

I think this is similar to what Adam Curry has been talking about on his podcast.

Far reaching

Test blog via email.

It shows how far technology is reaching when my father-in-law, who 'doesn't do email' and not a big user of computers, starts telling me about Google Earth.

Andy/Simon, it was good to speak to you on Skype yesterday, we must do it again. That was my first call with the new headset that Skype decided to send me. I hope you managed to get the interview recorded without any mention of K*** or S***** or Marshall Consultants Ltd .... oh bugger!!