17 February 2006

Long time no blog

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since I last blogged, though I don't suppose anyone has noticed (other than you, ST).

What a busy time... decorating, ensuite nearly complete, family all had colds.
And at work... investigating Pro/Intralink 8, UNIX script problems, Engineering IT conference.
So much more has happened, but I can't remember it all, it's gone by in a blur.

We've been invited to Chris's wedding on April, he's a childhood friend of mine, who I've sort of lost touch with, so it will be good to hook up again.

I've posted a picture of my new car on Flickr, though I think I only made it available to friends and family as I couldn't be bothered to obscure the number plates. If you want to be included in my Flickr friends and family, just ask (you'll have to register though)

My warmest wishes go to Madge through this difficult time. You are such an inspiration.