27 September 2006

To link or not to link ...

A very interesting post from Steve Gillmor.

I can't quite decide whether to link to it or not. I know Steve wouldn't want me to, but don't want to re-write his post here.

He would say the better gesture is not to link and for my readers to be forced to search for him and find the post I'm talking about.

I'm not convinced any of you will do that.

So here's the link.

But not hidden behind some other words.

Just a link.


17 September 2006

Sick of annoying phone calls?

I can't do anything to help if you've just got annoying friends, but if you're in the UK and getting too many marketing calls, visit......


I've just signed up, hopefully it will reduce the number of times the phone rings, we answer and there's nobody there.

The BBC had an interesting article, which lead me to the above site.

16 September 2006

The power of the Hoff

15 September 2006

VRM - The user in charge!!

The Gillmor Gang podcast just gets better and better. (well, when they're not playing vendor sports).

I highly recommend checking out the VRM Gang, a very interesting discussion revolving around 'The user in charge' - control your own online metadata instead of vendors (companies) each having their own inaccurate version of your metadata.

It will be good to see what Steve has planned. I'm also very encouraged that Doc Searls seems to be involved.

10 September 2006


Long time no blog.... has anyone noticed?
I doubt it.

Ooh, I'm using the new Blogger Beta, though I'm not sure what the difference is yet.

So what's happened since I last blogged?
- I still haven't got enough time - hence no blogging!!
- The kids continue to grow, and their birthdays are less than a month away
- We sold our summer house on eBay
- We ordered a (kids) playhouse to replace it
- My father-in-law helped me fit the pond cover we bought in January, so the kids are safe now.
- My father-in-law has given up his 'day job' to do something on his own - something he's always wanted to do.
- I sold my Mercedes A Class and bought a Volvo S60
- Gmail continues to rock
- 30boxes rocks almost as much
- I went on a stag weekend to Lithuania
- LFC have made an average start to the season
- England were disappointing in the World Cup
- England appointed McClaren as new manager
- Stevie G missed out on the England captaincy, but his new role under McClaren lets him influence the game

That'll do for now..... is anyone reading this? Please leave comments....even one word would be great.
Oh yes, who is Richie that left the comment on the last post? Is that you Brains?